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Contact information

Chairman of the FSNE: Ms Andrea Weckman

Director of the FSNE: Mr Bernt Nordman


Finnish Society for Nature and Environment
Annegatan 26
FIN- 00100 Helsinki
Phone: + 358 9 6122 290
E-mail: kansliet(at)

What is The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment?

The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment (FSNE), in Swedish called Natur och Miljö, is a national environmental citizens organisation (ECO).The decision-making structure is democratic and the organisation is party-politically independent. Our activities are financed by membership fees, governmental contributions and grants from private foundations. Most members belong to the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland.

FSNE was founded in 1970 and has today about 3500 members and 21 local groups in cities and municipalities along the southern and western coast, including the Åland islands. This is the area where most of the Swedish speaking Finns live. The office is situated in Helsinki, Finland.

FSNE is a member of several international environmental organisations and networks including IUCN, EEB and CCB.


What does FSNE do?

Activities in general:

  • Various campaign activities, awareness rising about environmental issues, participation in governmental committees and positively influencing the public opinion on environmental matters.
  • FSNE established the first nature school in Finland 1986, called Naturskolan Uttern. Today the organization is running two other nature schools as well; Kvarkens naturskola based in Vaasa, Ålands naturskola at the Åland islands and Åbolands naturskola in the Turku region.
  • FSNE publishes a periodical, Finlands Natur (in english ”The Finnish Nature”), which is popular also among non-members.
  • Producing and circulating environmental information.
  • Producing environmental education materials and offering in-service training for teachers.
  • Promoting outdoor activities among members. Most of the nature excursions, trips etc. are arranged by our local groups.
  • Nature clubs and camps for children. The youth section of FSNE arranges youth seminars.

FSNE in social media

Want to learn more about us? See our account @naturochmiljo on Facebook and Twitter. Our nature schools can be found at Facebook and Instagram @naturskolanuttern @kvarkensnaturskola @abolandsnaturskola and @alandsnaturskola.